TradeMonday is

Low Code Modularize Platform for Retail

– Deliver embedded, data-driven retail at speed –

A Scaleable SaaS low-code modularize platform

TradeMonday proprietary AI engine enables simulating brand, product and shopper recommendations and shorten the development of consumer-centric application for retailers, e-commerce, brand owners and shopping mall

  • Pre-integrate Retail Data Sources

    Integrate social, e-commerce, trending, lifestyle and google data sources to track consumer, brand and product data

  • Pre-build AI Engines for Retail

    Embedded multiple engines to collect and extract retail data including online transaction, product review, social video, footfall and sales receipt

  • Low Cost & Easy Integration

    Pre-build engine and support API and data-feed for easy integrtaion

  • Alert in Action

    Trigger business alert based on the per-defined business rules to facilitate the responsive action on market and competition

  • Recommendaiton in Action

    Generated business recommendation on cloud based BI dashboard and enable to monitor strategy and better decision

  • SaaS in Action

    Pre-build SaaS application to automate the data-driven business operation

Features at a Glance



Retail Data

Proprietary AI technology to deliver the cleaned, Standardized & converted the consumer, product and brand data


Retail Insight

Configurable and customized product, shopper and brand recommendation insight for retail, consumer brand, and shopping mall at speed


Retail Growth

Multiple SaaS applications to automate the retail operation

Featured Retail Industries

The SaaS Consumer Intelligence enables Industry Leaders to achieve Top-line and Growth Strategy

Shopping Mall

What’s trending brands, experience and influencers can attract your targeted shoppers?

Home & Grocery

Which new products should you introduce into your catalog to optimize the product portfolio?

Retails & E-Commerce

What’s the customer demanded products and where should you sell to maximize the sales margin?                                                                                              


An e-commerce model where a company operates as both a supplier to other businesses and as a retailer directly to consumers.

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Consumer Insight Research

Retail Insight Report Jan/ Feb 2021: Beauty Products Insight in Vietnam Market

Takus | 05 May 2021

We are excited to announce Trademonday is awarded the Champion of the 2021 Eureka Nova Hackathon. Eureka Hackathon is a case…

Retail Insight Q3 2021: Online Mask Insight In Singapore Market

Trademonday | 10 October 2021

Retail Insight Q3 2021: Online Mask Insight In Singapore Market Summary E-commerce sales in Singapore stayed high in 2021 as the prolonged effect of the COVID-19    ……….  

Retail Insight Report Q4 2020 : Health Care Brands Insight in Singapore Market

Takus | 12 December 2021

The pandemic outbreak has driven consumers in Singapore to take better care of their health and well-being, causing them to shop more for health products online…….

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