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Data Intelligence for

Shopping Mall

GenZ & Millennial Buying Behavior Recommendation

  1. Identify the brands, products, styles (i.e. download to product specification) purchased by GenZ & Millennial in E-Commerce
  2. Purchase behavior data can retrieve from last 24 hours to last 30 days
  3. Consumer demographic can identify by age, gender, the unit price of a single purchase to fit into consumer characteristic of each brands and shopping malls
  1. Optimize the brand or tenant portfolio based on the consumer trend
  2. Identify the hidden & unique brand or tenant to drive consumer traffic and leasing revenue

Shopper Recommendation

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Shopping Mall Competitiveness Recommendation

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Brand Scores for Tenant / Brand Portfolio Recommendation

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Trending Brand Recommendation

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Trending F&B Recommendation

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F&B Tenant Recommendation

  • Identify most potential F&B restaurants by evaluating on social media and trending data
  • Adjust the weighting of different assessment criteria for F&B selection
  • Assess the potential F&B during the contract renewal consideration or new F&B introduction
  • Proactively introduce a new F&B ahead the competitors
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