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Pre-built products, customers and markets recommendation insight for retail, e-commerce, brand owner and shopping mall

TM Growth

Customer Loyalty


  1. Build-in Customer, Merchant and Admin Applications
  2. Customer Apps : Earn points and redemption coupons
  3. Merchant Apps : Burn points and retrieve Coupon usage records
  4. Admin Apps: Set rules and coupon management

Business Benefits

  1. Web-based applications
  2. Proprietary OCR Technology to Capture the Invoice’s Transaction Record
  3. Easy to Integrate Mobile Apps
  4. Flexible to Integrate different UI Themes

All-in-one E-Commerce Automation Platform

  • Identify the consumer trend on specific product categories and brand based on the transaction and reason of purchase and customer sentiment
  • Identify the inventory change and new product listing of specific category
  • Reallocate the resource planning, procurement, category management based on the consumer favour product categories, brand and products
  • Identify the reason of purchase to optimize the sales and marketing, inventory and portfolio management
  • Direct import supplier’s product from eCommerce store or CSV
  • Product description translation
  • Price rules (by tag, category, platform)
  • Integration to seller stores
  • Centralise the sales order and sales analytic from multiple seller stores in major e-commerce platforms 
  • Centralise order handling
  • Trade finance solution integrated with Stripe payment

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